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About MIWT

MIWT - Madhav Institite and Web Technologies, an empower institution for improve skill rather than syllabus, where thousands amount students got knowledge in perticular aspects. MIWT now become an ISO 9001:2015 certified and Government of Gujarat registered Company. Our unique developing service is proof that customers love the convenience of having a technician come right to their home or business to service their computer. Offering this service at a low cost.

CEO and Founder Mr. Bhavesh R. Joshi founded IT-Development, Training and Project Development. After he discovered many people are looking for something better when it comes to computer education and development. His goals were clear: Create an excellent skilled students, and build relationships with customers which allows us to offer creative and customized solutions to meet their particular requirements. Continuous improvement, communication, honesty, and respect are essential to accomplish this.

Computer Institute is committed to customer satisfaction. In the past 14 years, we have created a very friendly learning environment with the latest computer hardware and software technologies. Thousands of parents have sent their children to our esteemed Computer Institute for customized and individual training using our state-of-the-art excellent training facilities.

We have articulation oppology to local school and colleges to encourage their students to enroll their students at our centre. Transperancy of the policy lies with the accepting syllabus of colleges and universities. Well-qualified, experienced certified instructors train the participants with easy-to-use step by step training material in the most optimized period of time.

Our MIWT Members

Bhavesh Joshi
Bhavesh Joshi / CEO-n-Founder

team member
Dharmin Tumbadiya / Freelancer

team member
Vimal Dudakiya / Bug Analyst

team member
Krishna Pankhaniya / Web Designer